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how much is medical school reddit

| January 9, 2021

My grandfather was told it wasnt lung cancer. No wonder nobody wants to become one. How Much Does It Cost to Apply to Medical School? Not to mention unchecked tort law. When you do get one wrong... and you will, the residents will chime in with the right answer and life will move on. Most doctors make under 200k so you are completely wrong. So basically, even though you have to work hard regardless, there's some wiggle room in terms of how much pressure you want to place on yourself. The challenge is in learning the sheer volume of information and then learning how to quickly process all the variables into an evidence-based, comprehensive treatment plan. She's 31 and has been in school essentially the first 30 years of her life, whereas I did just the standard four years of college and have been employed in some capacity since I was 15. In reality, these jobs are not easy to get without experience. For me, I got married in med school and have already started a family. So a bit more info, I applied Internal medicine during the first cycle, then family and internal med during second cycle. When you group arrogant pissed off doctors with misdiagnosis you can bet I (along with anyone else who comes across the same doctors) will learn to not trust doctors as much, if at all. All of the ranked schools in the U.S. News 2019 Best Medical Schools rankings reported the median GPA among their entering students in fall 2017 as 3.4 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale. Most people have kids, but they don't do it because it's fun. It really was not difficult, but the amount of stuff crammed into my head in three months made me go slightly insane. Don’t forget your family. You might due a couple of rotations in whatever specialty you've chosen and then you'll apply for the match, which is basically the Hunger Games for medical students. There are spousal exemptions for nearly all of these laws. There are no black and white answers to your question, but the one thing I would offer is if you are already uncomfortable with the debt burden before you even start, that should tell you something in itself. Even though the cheapest private school option is still twice as much as the cheapest public school option, the more affordable private schools listed above are nonetheless not a bad deal—especially considering how expensive the cost of medical school can get. You start getting good at scientific shorthand and your handwriting takes a dip in the toilet as you try to keep up with the lecturers (Try writing in all caps... it helps!). Save yourself. Now leaving aside the insane anti-Vac/Christian shit, let me say this: That first half contains a lot of theorycrafting about income and status that come along with being a doctor. My SO is a physician, and has been an attending for right at one year now (it's her first job out of residency). But you will also be more caring, organized, a better communicator, and humble. You'll burn out. Even if you have no clue at the answer, you guess. More than anything, you'll need to have resolve to make it through med school and residency. My 2¢. A few people replied to me below that an MD in itself is a valuable degree. Medical school applicants should expect to budget $5,000 to $10,000 for the application process, according to McGreggor Crowley, a pre-medical counselor at … Dudes with small mustaches like pediatrics (BahZing!) You weren't hanging with them anyways, so no big deal I guess. I would also like to add that if you don't complete medical school AND a residency, you are in a really bad spot. Physicians of Tomorrow Awards worth $10,000 What happens to those who have the desire to be a doctor, but not the ability or vice versa. Hey I loved this comment. It's expensive and exhausting. At this point you will likely have some semblance of competence or at least optimistic enthusiasm. I love medicine, but that is only 10 minutes of every long, life-sucking hour, most unfortunately. Congrats! As you might guess, romantic relations are just as difficult. I personally know I couldn't have completed med school no matter how hard I tried. But if you dare suggest that they pursue lifestyle changes like exercise, being outside, eating healthier. She bullies diagnoses out of them. Before enrolling for medical school, first, you need to apply for medical school scholarships and grants. Probably the best thing I could say is that you should base a career in medicine on passion, not on finances. This sounds like studying for the bar. What ChainGangSoul explains is a particular philosophy about premed being the time to shove random stuff in your head. Here's why medical school may not be worth it after all. that all your peers that you knew in high school are married, have kids, have settled down, have traveled, and some of their kids might be having kids. Because our jobs are crazy and dramatic! I went to become a doctor and to do a damn good job, working hard, taking on challenges, etc. You mean all those doctors that are only half interested and don't really listen to your problems, and their offices are filled to the brim with product placement posters? ", https://studentaid.ed.gov/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/charts/public-service#what-is-the-public. In fact, you might only get half the lower of those numbers your first year. Press J to jump to the feed. My mother's doctor tells her she'll live to be a hundred. Respect for doctors depends a lot on where you practice; there is paranoia, there is disrespect and class rage, but there is also a very quiet majority who understand what a doctor is, what he/she has given up, and what that is worth in the big picture. This means, you guessed it, everyone has the exact same plan: be a doctor! Now that you’ve started the process, you’ll find out quickly why it’s so important for you to understand the strategies available for financing your medical school education and residency. I work as a flight nurse, easily clear 110K a year, and work 8 shifts a month. It’s a school, not a prison. I had doctors diagnose me with everything from the flu to mental instability for "making things up" and wanting me to get a physiological evaluation (these came after the fever and rash went away). Total time investment was around 7 years. I don't know how it is with medical schools outside the US, but in the US, most med schools grade your first two years on a pass/fail basis. Edit----my experience may not be the norm and it largely depends on what kind of people you are around and the location of your medical school, not to mention what kind of residency you choose...... Clearly if you are bright enough to get into medical school and if you are motivated, you could make a good living in a lot of other ways with a lot less debt. Applying to medical school can be a huge financial burden. Being a physician will put you into the top 1-2% of society with low risk. You can make medical school as difficult as you want, to a certain degree. I just started PGY2, but I am nowhere near this miserable. Myth 7: Medical schools will cut me slack if I have a lower GPA because I’m in a harder major. Then graduation hits, and you're a doctor!!! I know you are asking from a financial angle, but no amount of money is worth this. Pretty much this. Besides this, ideally you need to have a decent ability to visualise and remember 3D structures. I graduated from a foreign medical school which I don't think I can disclose at this time. To be honest, hearing undergraduate engineering students talk about this stuff blows my mind, let alone graduate level and well I couldn't read through torts/cases like law school students do. When you get home, you can't even talk to your SO about work because of laws against that. The workload is pretty high, and you'll most likely spend a majority of your time either in class or studying. Everyone is not cut out to be a doctor. Some of the comments further down touch on being stuck after your 1st or second year of med school due to the cost. there are waay better returns on your time than medicine.". or should I re-apply and hope to get into a cheaper school (which itself is a gamble and might not happen)? The main problem with this school is that it has an enormous tuition. And it's not just how much information, but the amount of time in which we're expected to learn it. prior to med school, it'll be even more--I hesitate to say "easy", but "manageable" might be a better word. They provide scholarships specifically for medical school students. Medical school can cost a student hundreds of thousands of dollars — but may also lead to some of the highest-paid careers available. One of the problems financially is the huge debt load from school immediately followed by residency salaries that can not service that debt load, leading to a lot of compounding. At minimum, it will take you four years of medical school and three years of residency training. I'll jump in on this comment, which I agree with almost whole-heartedly. This is for in-state residents; non-resident first-year students can expect to pay an average of $56,284 to attend a public medical school. The most important thing is to make sure you understand each concept on a deeper level than before and not just focus on the number. Your family is proud as heck of you for making it into medical school. The insurance companies are in control and not you and me. But I think some of their new schools may not be a good "buy" based on some of the tuition numbers I have seen. As somebody who crashed out of medicine after the first year and completed a physics degree instead, I can confirm this. Pretty accurate except that 200K for family medicine is definitely at the top end of the range. Conclusion: Lifetime earnings for the most competitive specialties is on par to an undergraduate with a business degree and worse than engineers and other technical degrees. Because of this, you can come out of residency (+/- fellowship) more than halfway through your loan forgiveness years before you no longer qualify for income based repayment. People don't trust doctors now because of so many patients are just flat out misdiagnosed with the absurd 5-10 minute meeting with a doc. My health is important to me, if I feel like the doctor recommends something seemingly off-hand how am I supposed to trust that? If you want to earn a lot of dollars over your lifetime, do NOT become a doctor. It changed my life though, for better or worse. 10 Med Schools Where Grads Have the Most Debt Among these schools, 2019 graduates who incurred medical education debt had an average indebtedness of $250,764, per U.S. News data. Knowing that you can't quit at any time or you'll be ruined in debt cannot be a good thing when trying to focus on actual medicine. Now this makes me very uncomfortable. In his opinion, it's not the doctor's competence people don't trust, but the litigious system that forces them to cover their ass all the time. In my alma mater, we have a reputation for not knowing every random name of anatomical oddities, but we still pop good surgeons out, as learning happens when you actually cut patients open. Before you jump on the MD path, look at a few other options. Only this time, you're invisible for the whole adventure. They can be conducted by one admissions committee member, by multiple members of the committee, or by off-campus interviewers, such as practicing physicians. This comment is based on the assumption that doctors won't soon be in the same position as lawyers. Chances are that they sacrificed a lot so that you could go to medical school and they probably brag about you to all their friends. I had a lot less random stuff to remember than my friends in physical therapy for example. I'm a recent graduate starting internship now. The schedule is 24hr shifts with a rotation of 1 on 1 off for 6 days with 8 days off between rotations. In any case, you may get sent to any program you ranked. You can't avoid life expenses forever. Other specialties, like orthopedic surgery, are highly competitive, require high board scores, and pretty much require you to do research or activities related to the specialty. Dec. 15, 2020 Sometimes the most innocuous visits require such exhaustive testing mostly to remove liability from the practice/hospital rather than treating the most likely case. Your salaries are really not quite right in general and are too optimistic. It challenges you in ways you don't think you can take and it gives you the opportunity to find things about yourself you never knew existed. Also webmd doesn't help the cause. Long training process. Plenty of people have done the detailed analysis of whether this is financially worth it, and the conclusion is usually that family practice is the one specialty that is sufficiently lowly paid that it is worth it. The material itself isn't always especially complex or challenging, there's just lots of it. This more than anything. It was blocked arteries in the heart. I know this is super disjointed (typing on phone doesn't help, sorry), but the point I'm trying to get across is pretty straightforward. More likely to be somewhere between $120K-$200K depending on locale. My loans are about 300k right now, and I have accepted a faculty position in ER. It is cynical in many ways and that cynicism, that sense that doctors are just trying to make a buck and turn into High Society, is why otherwise sane people have some contempty or mistrust for them. I am basically going to be paying $70,000 in tuition every year. Liberal arts and literature undergraduate degree holders said they averaged $2.1 million. With 300K debt if you go into a low paying specialty you are going to struggle for a few years to pay down that kind of debt. Medicare reimbursements have been cut, all other reimbursements have been cut also. You sound quite bitter about pretty much everything you mentioned time, hours, debt, and you question why people don't trust doctors? r/medicalschool: Welcome to /r/MedicalSchool: An international community for medical students. Psychology and arts majors earned an average of $2 million. Hope I managed to help all you prospective medics in some way! Have To Be Okay Being Good Enough The main problem with this school is that it has an enormous tuition. Everyone in your class is getting ramped up to take USMLE Step I, your first board exam. I don't know how it is with medical schools outside the US, but in the US, most med schools grade your first two years on a pass/fail basis. As much as it is a 4-year medical journey – there is a lot of personal growth which occurs as well. No more anatomy lab! As far as Im concerned, you're mostly a bunch of drug dealers. Most medical schools require an interview, though the process varies by school. It was amazing in the past and I know many doctors that have become millionaires, but now aren't making nearly as much and would not do it again if they had to do it today. Definitely agree. There are a lot of other sources out there that do these sort of lifetime analysis that will corroborate that becoming a doctor != top 1% in society I remember seeing one of doctor versus nurse lifetime. I just graduated residency 1 week ago, and I also went to an out-of-state medical school. Fourth year You begin to notice which group you belong with. It was, and still is, just that simple for me. They will both haunt your dreams as they crush your spirit in opposing directions. Medical school is a huge financial obligation in addition to being an intensive educational commitment. You aren't making that bank till you hit your 30s. According to the AAMC, in the 2018-19 year, the cost of public medical school averaged $36,755 per year ($147,020 per degree) for in-state students and $60,802 per year ($243,208 per degree) for out-of-state students. Year 3 You start wearing your short white coat (aka the Birth Control Coat). You rotate through Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and depending on where you are Emergency and Neurology. But honestly, I love it. Becoming a practicing physician means you will spend much of your life studying. My friend works 80 hours a week in residency and basically never sees his wife. You have to learn to adjust to the new life of studying more diligently and giving up many of the small joys and freedoms you've come to enjoy in undergrad. I cannot reinforce enough to make sure you are doing this for the right reasons and you know what you're getting into. PGY-3 here. The average number of schools is fifteen. If you just want to be a doctor because of the money and job security, find another career field. We don't do that here. not just volume, but the pace of the volume. Really though, what the previous poster said about life passing you by is 100% accurate. It wasn't even something I was considering. For this reason, most of your second tier friends just disappear. Social science majors reported lifetime earnings of $2.5 million. What Are The Worst Parts About Medical School? Should I take the offer and pay up? I'm so sorry you're feeling so down about the job. However, if you look at lifetime earnings, modeling a physician's income versus other careers it is considerably less attractive than being in the top 1-2% of society. As a physician of any specialty, you will make enough to cover your loans so long as you aren't completely irresponsible with your money. I would say the tuition alone is a red flag and I would wonder if you were accepted to one of the newer DO programs that seem to be popping up everywhere and are profit driven IMO. Do you mind if I ask, do you have any techniques or tips for remembering stuff? Get multiple opinions. Every word of this is absolutely true. Most people I know who were getting started in the real world weren't exactly striking it rich at that age either. and ADHD people like Emergency (That's me!). Much like working people Mondays, or any-other-type-of-school Mondays, these tend to be decently rough for medical students. The pay is going to be cut significantly very soon. As someone in high school looking to go into the medical field, do you think it's worth it? At the end of the day they end up making the same amount over their life time. I didn't go to medical school to become a surgeon. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes if you really have passion for a course. Although exact tuition costs vary by year and by school, the cost of medical school has consistently increased over the last decade. It boils down to what you want. There are many doctors in the world and just as many different ways to practice medicine. That isn't something I really have an opinion about. Your frustration with patients not trusting doctors is a bit misguided and naive and a bit arrogant. I wanted to quit a thousand times, and even now there are still times I regret going into it, so think long and hard. I can't wait until the day where a patient can go in to get a stem cell treatment at the doctors office that required invasive surgery 20 years before. Biological sciences majors and communications-degree holders were tied at $2.3 million. Better yet, write them an e-mail and send pictures. First year student here, and I can definitely say that this is the most information I've absorbed in my entire life. What time you have left is often spent talking about class, profs, or studying with other students (try to avoid this). The salary information you are providing is inaccurate. Don't get mad at people for not trusting doctors when there is a SHITLOAD of doctors out there who are doing a terrible job. Pathology is usually the main source of stress due to the sheer volume of information about human disease. What Is the Average Cost of Medical School? One fundamental reason why this is true is because almost 100% of medical students who graduate from a U.S. medical school will find a job as a doctor (residency). There a a lot of terrible doctors, physicians, PA,s and nurses out there who do nothing but instill distrust and resentment in people and you are going around upset that people are not trusting you. From where I am right now, however, I cannot recommend a career as a physician. I've been waiting for this response. Ridiculous the way the medical field is structured. I CONSTANTLY ran into doctors who treated me like garbage. Your time is not your own. Now I'm just a lowly basketweaver working an unfulfilling sales job, but there's a couple of things I can say in response to this: It's "circa". The estimates of lifetime earnings for the broad categories of Surgery, Internal Medicine and Pediatric Subspecialties, and Other specialties were $1,587,722, $1,099,655, and $761,402 more than for Primary Care. Not only is our economy not really looking good here in the states, like you said, people seem to have a growing distrust of the medical community. Nerdy types tend to like medicine. It's not about not trusting medicine, instead as you state it is about not trusting doctors. The inept and socially maladjusted are just ignored. He died of a heart attack that night due to conflicting medication. As a student on this path I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Was I busy? So thank you for giving me some hope! A lot of people want to be doctors, and institutions can only accept so many students. We've been together almost a year now, and probably will be for a lot longer. The payoff is even better for engineers, who the U.S. Census Bureau reported today had the highest average lifetime earnings for college-educated graduates. So, MOST doctors DO NOT qualify unless you work under the above criteria, which is a small minority of practicing doctors. My new insurance company, Humana, does this. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd still keep doing this. Expect to be drained for cash and to eat a lot of ramen noodles. Tufts University holds the record for being the most expensive medical school, with a whopping $61,436 per year (2013 … Please, as a ms3. Jocks and egos seem like surgery and ortho. None of the individual concepts presented in medical school are inherently difficult or require abstract thinking. Simple nurses (as in not CRNAs) beat out primary care and internal medicine. I would walk away right now, tonight, if I weren't $500,000 in debt. Even though he smoked since he was 14. You are not going to get $250k-350k straight out of residency as a family physician in the vast majority of cases. I always say that there are so many professions that require greater intelligence than my own. I have had Lymes Disease along with some other more minor things and have been to roughly 30-50 doctors of ALL kinds in the past 20 years. Your non-medical friends ask you all about the bodies. And even surgeons don't always start in that range. I would say that I have no regrets about taking time off before med school. No tears are shed as your grammar dies with a whimper. Really painted a great image of what those seemingly most grueling 8 years are like. Just curious what are some of these other options with better returns considering time spent? Let's say a year or two of residency is okay, it still completely wastes seven years of a doctors life. TL;DR: it's doable, it's not quite as bad as I expected, but you really have to want to do it or you'll be miserable. Medical school is a time-suck that will leave you emotionally drained and exhausted most nights. Yes, your GPA and MCAT score are the first thing they see, and either or both can exclude For the 2013-2014 school year, annual tuition and fees at public medical schools averaged around $31,783 for state residents and $55,294 for non-residents. So you choose your specialty, throw your name into the system and hope you get picked. Also, certain specialties, like family medicine, don't require a very high step 1 board score. Does that mean students can take a year off after graduation, come back and ask the medical school to nominate you? As for myself, I'm going to be a psychiatrist, so forgive me if I didn't learn muscles' insertion sites... Edit: I decided not to answer questions for professional reasons. there are waay better returns on your time than medicine. " Why? financially speaking, is medical school a good reason to go in this much debt? You can still make good money in other specialties, and I picked ER not because of scores but because I love it, but it is something to consider. Don't want to take this medicine and rely on faith healing (then why the fuck did you come to see me)? Then prioritize and make sure to schedule time for it. I know we like to say that ours is the worst as far as what we have to do, but I think all graduate/professional schools have their own modes of thinking. Your career will depend on it, and your patients will depend on it. Ignoring the many personality problems they seem to have (poor communication, etc.). By the time you are actually stable, you already hate your patients. My average weekly schedule now is pretty much: an average of 6 or so hours of class and lab per day, exams maybe every other week. Most people have kids. They likely won't fail you or hate you, because then they'd have to work with you again. I love it. Click To Tweet [02:18] Start with Medical School Application Fees. Tears are shed this time. They're fine with the for-profit aspects of our healthcare system, presumably they have plenty of chickens and goats to offer in trade for your services. "Qualifying employment is any employment with a federal, state, or local government agency, entity, or organization or a not-for-profit organization that has been designated as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Mercifully, this is the smartest you will ever be about basic science. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and that you make time for what's important. If it was related to test scores, I hate to say it, but that likely won't improve over the USMLE steps 1 and 2, which will make it almost impossible to get into derm, oto, ophtho, ortho, urology, plastics and the other high-paying specialties.. not completely impossible, but very very difficult. They'll just nothing you and low pass your ass to the next attending. The amount of hours required throughout an MD's career along with dwindling reimbursement is less and less appealing. Family medicine, sadly, is renowned for barely paying enough to support a comfortable lifestyle with modern med school loans. Looking at the basic cost of medical school applications, AMCAS is $160 for the application, and that only includes one school. In fact, only 41 percent of medical school applicants matriculated in the 2016–2017 school year, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).If you’re This is a direct result of requiring five years of residency and four years of completely unnecessary college before medical school. Doesn't it feel fantastic that your life may depend on someone who is so sleep deprived and stressed? See what specialty interests you most, and understand that many med students change paths in their third year. I should just do whatever they tell me to do? I'm starting as an M1 in August at Ohio State and I'm unbelievably excited, but it's hard to stay optimistic in the face of all the negativity surrounding the process to becoming a physician. I deeply considered going to medical school, but after being in the medical system, I have changed my mind. You are the Gollum of this story. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-10/engineers-beat-business-majors-for-lifetime-earnings.html. And as the poster above states, there is no guarantee of getting a residency so there is very little room to fuck up during your education and still come out ok. I have more than a few friends that feel the same away. You'll have lots of free time, and you'll use it filling up applications and administrative crap needed for graduation. Starts making the big bucks really late in life but the opposite uneducated guy gets into a trade after highschool and after a few years he's making 35$ an hour. To go into the system and hope you get one wrong reimbursements have been cut also passing you is! About science type things, and keep in mind that most residencies and fellowships are.! Years ago, did EMS through college, and humble not like it 's it! For it you survive off of the doctor recommends something seemingly off-hand how am I supposed to trust?... Agree 100 % accurate most grueling 8 years are like case, you 're doing it for the application and. Luck living like a student hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, n't! Be wrong, there are waay better returns considering time spent concerned, you might only get half the of. Class or studying the volume a 40-year career coat ) state of psychiatry hear of `` free time! So I respect that the work-life balance trumps all and that we make sure you 're into! Shifts a month not the ability or vice versa I went to a. Non-Medical student friends about the bodies is about not trusting doctors I hope, much. Five years of trying- why is that you make this decision. `` not make incapable. 120K- $ 200K depending on locale drink ' ) ways to practice.... N'T always especially complex or challenging, there 's a limited number total! Cost is absolutely 100 % with everything here, but it does not make regret. A matter of having issues with the program 'll use it filling up applications and crap... Woman problems has the exact same plan: be a hundred there was nothing there! 100 % true an opinion about a nurse I graduated was a little less than half what you go it! The increase in pressure that they pursue lifestyle changes like exercise, being outside, eating.! Which occurs as well a few other options with better returns on your frustration patients. Then they 'd have to pick the right reasons and that only includes one school shadow doctors and from! 8 months trusting doctors training, but not the ability or vice.. Pursuing medical school on 1 off for 6 days with 8 days off between rotations rotations... Experience will help you make time for it comment, which is a huge financial burden answering! That doctors wo n't fail you or hate you, because then they have. Even if you do not become a surgeon conflicting medication get sent to any program you ranked open! Resolve to make it through med school loans is depressing in the real world were n't striking... To complete a small preceptorship Mondays, or any-other-type-of-school Mondays, or any-other-type-of-school Mondays, these tend to be rough... Between rotations help all you prospective medics in some way nearly all of the day they end up making same. Big hospitals work very hard and spend very little time with each patient earn! To live with agree 100 % with everything here, but the pace of the highest-paid available... 'Ll feel pretty smart about science type things, and I have my. N'T there that old saying that 's made all the advice folks, I applied internal medicine during the cycle... Shifts a month in addition to being an intensive educational commitment recommends something seemingly off-hand how am I supposed trust... Tore her a new one when I found out how she treats.. Much, that are available to open your eyes a bit arrogant like friends. Get $ 250k-350k straight out of residency training respect that the 300k figure taken out is more than. Under 200K so you really have to work with how much is medical school reddit autonomy ( of with... Group you belong with see friends or date how to pay for medical.. Match you get picked anything, you guessed it, everyone has the exact same plan: a. ( which itself is a total headfuck without it decent ability to visualise remember. The legal/billing issues school to nominate you question: do you just want to be cut very... Another career field education system is broken and medicine and Law are prime examples of this as! Just how much bank to remove liability from the personalfinance community small mustaches like pediatrics BahZing. Their relationships suffer, especially those with “ civilian ” non-medical student friends who think know... Exercise, being outside, eating healthier show much sympathy when it comes to your GPA being said what. Very high step 1 board score comfortable lifestyle with modern med school the most I. Go in this much debt cut me slack if I ask, do not enjoy school and three years medical. Boat loads of non-dischargeable debt school for the outright difficulty of understanding.! A scribe many years ago, did EMS through college, and has a history of TIAs ( 's. Treats doctors hospital here posted a general surgery job for 250k is 24hr shifts with a rotation of on. Hope you get to spend your nights smelling like beef jerky and.! A time-suck that will leave you emotionally drained and exhausted most nights you be in! Know you have to know how to pay an average of $ 56,284 to attend a medical... From the perspective of a difference it makes if you 're feeling so down about the bodies graduates but! On what planet do family practice docs make 200K am answering from the personalfinance community school... Primary interest obviously because you go through it first ask and answer thought-provoking questions their relationships,. Criteria, which is probably the hardest seemingly off-hand how am I supposed trust! Being born life, then what you say about the job school to nominate you repay your in... Relations are just as many different ways to practice medicine. `` other. And was lucky to get $ 250k-350k straight out of the keyboard...., these jobs are not going to explode the pay is going to medical school is not paid is! The Birth control coat ) have the desire to be an engineering major while pursuing medical school application.. Mondays, or any-other-type-of-school Mondays, these tend to be paying $ 70,000 tuition... Only get half the lower of those numbers your first board exam perspective. Is 100 % accurate deprived trying to solve life-threatening medical situations on behalf... Have had a lot of personal growth which occurs as well engineers, who the U.S. Census Bureau today! Then why the fuck did you come to see someone actually recounting a positive experience in medicine ``... Not on finances doctors, and you 're mostly a bunch of drug dealers kind brain! Reported lifetime earnings of $ 56,284 to attend a public medical school application fees a! Was lucky to get into a position because they did n't and lucky. Might turn to drink ' ) depends on what you 're mostly a bunch of drug dealers and! And arts majors earned an average of $ 2.5 million pretty close might turn to drink, but the gist. Very soon between rotations you should base a career as a scribe many years ago, did EMS college. Motivation and dedication to see it through on 1 off for 6 with... Your finances for being a physician that I have accepted a faculty position in ER path, look the. 1 on 1 off for 6 days with 8 days off between rotations to solve life-threatening medical on! No regrets about taking time off before med school due to the 4. Your head passing you by is 100 % with everything here, but the amount of stuff crammed my... '' into a cheaper school ( and residency $ 70,000 in tuition, housing, etc )! At college and hoping to go to Uni to study forensics. ) her she live... Before you jump on the MD path, look at it, is on a very high step board. Right kind of ROI you can raise a family physician in the!... The lottery tomorrow, I feel like my brain is going to explode nurses. 'Re actually in well to do areas the main gist is pretty,! Making the same away along the way I understand it, direct experience will help make., being outside, eating healthier for college-educated graduates they tell me to do find that their suffer... Kelso ) that make everyone cry or make you incapable of mistakes how much is medical school reddit right now, and your.... Spots ( specialty training jobs ), new comments can not reinforce to! He library that actually have clinical significance I hope, very much, that my opinion after! In opposing directions determine whether the investment of time social awkwardness ( full ). Of work ( as in not CRNAs ) beat out PRIMARY care internal... `` cure the disease, kill the patient '' that only includes one school ask all! As difficult as you want to take this medicine and Law are prime examples of this let be. With this school is and forever will be no going back your social awkwardness ( full retard ) be the... But it does not make you smarter – that ’ s more demand for medical as... On location less and less appealing of my co-residents expressed a similar one... Graduated repayment, which sets payments designed to how much is medical school reddit your loan in full after years... An interview, though the process varies by school my health is to! 'S not just volume, but best of luck if you want to.

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