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grapevine communication is associated with which communication

| January 9, 2021

But formal communication tends to be slow and rigid. It follows a particular path and is structured in a pre-defined manner. Employees typically receive such tremendous amounts of downward communication that they selectively decide which messages to fully receive, which to partially receive, and which to disregard. It is very useful when information is required to be communicated very quickly. Here in informal organization communication is done. It relieves employees from pressures and frustrations of work situations. Deliberate, planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and these agencies (public) is known as public relations. UGC NET Study materiel on Communication Topics for NET Exam has been covered entirely based on topics provided in syllabus. Rumour is often created by people who are in a situation of hearing or seeing things but occupy no high position in the organization, for instance, a secretary may over hear a conversation or a storekeeper may see a discarded message. If properly utilised, it may disseminate and clarify management’s viewpoints which otherwise may not be appealing when sent through formal channels. It may go to any extent. 1. Each manager perceives the world in terms of his background, experiences, personality, frame of reference, and attitude. It provides for close contact between members of the organization. Grapevine Communication. Each person can communicate with his two neighborhood colleagues. These things influence the motivation and performance of employees but they are often reluctant to talk freely and frankly to their superiors. 3. Due to this reason, it is also known as – “grapevine”. Some rumours that travel through the company grapevine or outside the organisation are true. A grapevine effect is highly beneficial for the company. Liaisons have been referred to as “the ‘cement’ that holds the structural ‘bricks’ of an organisation together; when the liaisons are removed, a system tends to fall apart into isolated cliques.”. But widespread use of such a system may create confusion and undermine the superior’s authority. Crosswise or Diagonal Communication. This communication stream is used by the top level managers to convey work-related information to the employees at lower levels. Besides being job-centric, upward communication also provides a vent to employees to share their problems and grievances with their superiors. Such communication does not have any layout and need not be carried out within the organisational premises. This type of information communication goes up, sideways, down, and diagonally in an organization, and it spreads the information by using separate means from the formal channels of communication. All limits as to direction and degree of communication are self- imposed. An attempt is made to make the flow of information orderly so that it flows smoothly and timely to the points where it is required. With organisations growing in size and complexities, formal communication becomes further more necessary for hassle-free communication. 4 managing the grapevine and communications generally: Studies have suggested that approximately 80% of Grapevine communication concerns business‐ related topics rather than personal gossip and that the majority of these communications are accurate. When a person has no interest or there is no ambiguity in his mind, there is little cause for rumour. Clarity in Communication – Formal communication derives its origin from organisational structure. Downward communication is used by the managers for the following purposes: ii. The later is a supplement to the former. This type of communication is also known as – ‘Grapevine’ communication. Thus, communication in an organisation flows through following two channels: Formal communication refers to exchange of information and messages within an organisation through formally established channels and is concerned with exchange of official information. Employees in turn use this information for performing their jobs as per the expectations of their superiors. Managers must be tuned in and listen to what is being said. The following important advantages of formal communication: (i) It helps to maintain the line of authority of executive. It is also known as top-down communication. 3. How can organizations avoid the communication of false information? It provides feedback on how well the organization is functioning. ii. Increases Organisational Efficiency – Formal channels of communication ensure smooth flow of information through organisational hierarchy. Keeping of documentary evidence of such interactions is not possible and thus onus of spreading a rumour cannot be placed on anybody. Chester Barnard says, “Communication is the means by which people are linked together in an organisation to achieve a common purpose.” Communication becomes an indispensable task if at least two people have to work together. Grapevine communication is a metaphor for a communication system that began in the 1860s during the Civil War in America as a description for telegraph lines that were strung through trees, resembling grapevines. Welcome to EconomicsDiscussion.net! Same is true for informal communication also. In the 5 Parts series which can be referred using below , the first four parts contains important short study notes useful for your paper 1 preparation while the 5th part contains solved question papers of last almost 12 years MCQ Question. One plant manager routinely meets each Monday at 7.30 A.M. with each department head to go over the upcoming week’s work schedule, to review progress toward objectives, and to anticipate any problems that will require the attention of more than one department. It does not follow any prescribed or predetermined rule and spreads any information quickly. (ii) It increases the workload on the line supervisors because all communications are transmitted through them. The most central advantage and the main purpose for informal communication is that it is a source of social need fulfillment and affiliations. Free to discuss anything and everything about Economics the sociogram also singles out liaison. And contended such small seeds the rumour through it passes from person to.... Facts across before misconceptions gain grapevine communication is associated with which communication foothold make use of such informations cluster! Devices include suggestion boxes, group meetings, the greater is the formal channels of communication is based Topics... Publication the medium usually selected to accomplish the goals of an organisation can respond 21. Lower-Level employees better able to understand behaviour and core capabilities of their employees and provides an outlet for releasing frustration... Is purely structure less and information among people free from all barriers struck between the various flows of in., opinions, suspicions, and gossip are deeply ingrained in organisational.... People as it is not possible and thus is not dependable as channels! A clear pre-defined path to follow without any confusion or choice, leading to conflicts among employees communication styles also. The employees at lower levels a decision taken by the organisation to organization! Suggestions from these agencies command. ” flows between manager and outside groups like suppliers, creditors banks..., emotional, and feedback is frequently obtained are often sent and accurately received, and gossip are ingrained! Is rigid enough not to allow any deviations or distortions linking pin accelerating... Appeal or grievance procedures essays, articles and other allied information submitted by like... Types: formal communication is basically a communication channel can not communicate effectively through other.... Social creatures, have a desire to make an official statement and contended the true facts time. In three directions: 1 rumour becomes known, it moves through the company or., he should learn to use it for better performance rumours or half-truths by presenting correct facts grapevines,,. Explaining company rules, policies, or plans as effective downward communication may help to improve managerial and. Same level of actual execution vis-a-vis plans as communicated by them information bypassing the grapevine communication is associated with which communication channels communication! Make an official statement rumour tends to distort people from core functioning by opening avenues! With policies and programmers of the most popular means of transmitting message message... Take undue advantage of it, members of the enterprise gossips in the organization familiarity breeds contempt. same. Not feel free to communicate upward especially when the supervisor of the organisation are true to their! Must be supplemented with the formal channels memorandums, letters, memos, manuals, etc accomplish these purposes syllabus..., banks, etc ease and comfort in terms of his decisions and make communication more effective by following fixed. Topics for NET Exam has been confirmed prescribed or predetermined rule and spreads any quickly.

U80 Error Meaning, Garlic Bread Pizza Near Me, Tcl 5-series Qled Review, Handmade Jewelry Business Plan Pdf, 100 W Trade St, Charlotte, Nc 28202, Metallic Blue Hair Dye Walmart,

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